Increase revenue stream by running
all cryptocurrency payments through your
own gateway with our pre-built solution.
White Label Crypto Gateway Solution
Case Study:
Our solution help customer with $ 40M in annual revenue save more than $1M in fees.
Accept crypto payments
through a proprietary gateway
without paying fees to middlemen
Accept payments in crypto with commission
to intermediaries
Accept payments
in fiat only
Client's Profit Jump
Areas of implementation
Our solution deploys on your infrastructure and can be easily integrated into various websites and platforms across multiple industries.
Finance & banking
Finance & banking
Finance & banking
Centralized exchanges
Centralized exchanges
Centralized exchanges
Travel & tickets
Travel & tickets
Travel & tickets
GameFi platforms
GameFi platforms
GameFi platforms
Safety comes first!
Why is our Crypto Gateway Solution the ideal choice for your success?
Tired of uncertain commission costs? Our solution offers transparency and predictability with a fixed cost of $ 15,000.
Fixed cost — 0% transaction fee!
Forget about additional percentages of your turnover!
Today the minimum commission on the market is ~0.5%. If your turnover is $ 250,000/month, then the monthly commission amount will be at least $ 1,250.

By purchasing our solution you can recoup your investment in a year.
Savings for your business!
This is your chance to maximize profits and invest in additional development opportunities!
Our Crypto Gateway keeps your funds safe using advanced encryption and security technologies.
We guarantee a high level of security for your transactions.
Benefits of our Сrypto Payment Gateway
Clear transactions history
for traceability of all operations
Seamless integration into your platform, online store or app via API keys
Full control over services operations and protection against potential hacks
Easy and affordable management
of user fees and commissions
A comprehensive set of features crafted from seven years of experience in developing custom gateways.
Multi-currency, instant gateway
with fast and secure transactions
  • No fees
  • Security and full control
  • Easy integration
Supported blockchains
Our crypto gateway currently supports the most popular blockchains. The list will also be expanded in future updates. If you need a specific network at launch, we can implement it at your request.
Blockchains capitalization
In the basic version of our solution, you get all the crypto transaction management features your business needs.
Features of our Сrypto Payment Gateway
Safe Storage of Funds
We secure client funds through advanced methods, including transfer to isolated cold wallets for unparalleled safety.
Enable hot wallet withdrawals with customizable fees and a seamless deposit option. Users can verify withdrawal addresses for an extra layer of security.
Efficiently manage payments, track fees, and make transactions when the commission is lowest with
our analytical tools.
Wallet Management
Your customers receive full control over their custodial wallets. We provide features for creating, suspending, reactivating, and managing custodial wallets and transactions.
Client Settings
Encompasses a comprehensive array of personal configurations, including Cold Wallet Address, Transaction Confirmations, Risk Management KYT Settings, Depositing Address Greylist Settings, Hot Wallet Addresses, API Keys, Blockchain Provider,
Supported Token Settings, and much more.
Merchant Module
Innovative solution for integrating our service into online stores, allowing customers to easily and conveniently pay for goods using cryptocurrency.
KYT (Know Your Transaction)
We provide advanced methods and tools to ensure KYT compliance for users to analyze deposited and withdrawn transactions and wallets. Powerful analytics algorithms that we implement enable effective monitoring and tracking of fund flows on the service.
Improve your ability to manage and secure payments with advanced technology enhancements.
Additional paid features
At your request, we can implement custom features:
At your request, we can implement custom features:
  • Third-party service integration for fiat payment support
  • User interface enhancement
  • Push notifications and chatbots
  • Third-party service integration for fiat payment support
  • Push notifications and chatbots
  • User interface enhancement
Tech stack for a state-of-art solution
Javascript crypto exchange
Redis crypto exchange
Typescript crypto exchange
Nuxt.js crypto exchange
Node.js crypto exchange
PostgreSQL crypto exchange
  • Merchant user interface within the cloud service
  • Integration via SDK
  • Cloud solution (online store sites can be integrated via API)
  • Aggregator with unlimited requests for fast access to balances of any wallets in the blockchain
  • Admin interface development
  • Integration blockchain networks with less liquidity
  • Auto-rebalancing between cold and hot wallets
Q3 2024
Q4 2024
Project Development Roadmap
Get a complimentary subscription to updates through purchasing by April 2024
Our Projects
Working with Crypton Studio offers you many benefits
Post-launch support
We offer ongoing technical support and can provide training for your in-house team to ensure smooth operation.
Rigorous specialist evaluation
Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, with a rigorous grading process every six months to ensure top-notch expertise.
Flexible path
We seamlessly integrate third-party services and develop functionality to provide you with fully customized solutions.
Robust security
Our developers' expert approach to solving security problems enables us to deliver the most comprehensive and resilient solutions
With our deep understanding of current market trends and technologies, we provide insights on optimizing and advancing your payment gateway.
Strategic development insights
Navigating your request
We guide you through the process, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.
Our customers trust us
"Good working team, flexible approach, ready to help put out fires"
"The team has high standards, and revisions were not needed"
"The work was like being with family and friends"
Igor K,
CEO, DeQuest
Colt Lafreniere,
CEO, Global Acquisition Partners
Sergey Panchenko,
CEO & Founder, Infam
Crypton Studio has been great on keeping up with deadlines, even with multiple pivots and changes in priority. Project managers get very deep with your product and help with ideation later in the development process. Overall great stuff - would recommend.
We praised Crypton Studio's documentation process. The team's designs were easy toimplement, and their communication skills were strong. Their knowledge and understanding of complex designs were outstanding. Overall, they delivered great products.
As a result of the collaboration, Crypton Studio delivered a convenient and blockchain-compatible platform that gained positive reviews on its mechanics, transaction security, posting, and chats. The team showed responsiveness, loyalty, and unwavering support in solving bugs, even during weekends.

White Label Crypto Gateway:
accept cryptocurrency payments with no middleman commissions!

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